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Specification-Driven Development

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Specification-Driven Development was a tool originally developed in 1990-1992 based on Version 6 Progress. It used a macro generation approach to code generation using templates, specification files, and fragments of custom code to produce highly stable, feature rich applications which were very low maintenance and which could be rapidly adapted to changed requirements. In one sustained project developing three custom modules totaling about 300,000 lines of code, three programmers using the tool averaged approximately 1000 lines of code per hour starting with needed schema and simple specifications for a function and resulting in code which was ready for integration testing. These applications were not characterized by extensive computational algorithms, but were far from trivial and the result was highly functional and very stable, albeit ChUI.

The attached presentation dates from 1996. It is a "sales" presentation, so it presents a somewhat "prettier" image of a possible commercial tool, rather than the pragmatic current form of the tool, but the capabilities are a reasonable packaging of the tool's existing functionality.