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Patterns for Managing Relational Data in OOABL

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Related to OERA?


Just read your very interesting article about patterns for managing relational data... In it, you talk about CI Patterns. It looks very promissing! It's your goal to work this CI Patterns under the OERA Open Source Initiative or they are not related?




The intent is to release my work as a combination of whitepapers and code samples and components. When the code is just an illustration of concepts in the whitepapers, then it will accompany the whitepaper. If the code is a component suitable for integration with a production system, then it will be released under the OERA OSI. For example, I have a couple different efforts under way at this point. In some cases, the work is related to exploring design issues, e.g., DA to BL interface possibilities. There may be no production code in that. But, I am also working on a major update, almost a reinvention of my earlier collection and map classes and those definitely will be released under OERA OSI.