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Other Tool Projects

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In addition to completed and released tools, Computing Integrity has a number of tool projects in various stages from concept to near completion which could be finished if prioritized by a particular customer. Let us know if you would like to discuss what would be involved in completing any of these tools.

For example, there is:

  • The Harvesting Editor;
  • A connectedness tool for UML components to be used for identifying clusters of functionality as possible services;
  • Bulk diagram generator;
  • Additional information in model including code, block structure, and decision points;
  • Code generation of revised models;
  • Roundtrip integration with OpenEdge Architect including both procedural and OO code;
  • Impact Analysis diagrams; and
  • Super "XREF" tool.

Longer term we are also working on:

  • Separation of UI and BL, usually with the goal of replacing the UI;
  • Evolution toward OERA or similar layered architecture; and
  • Evolution toward a Service Oriented Architecture.