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OERA Open Source Initiative

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The OERA Open Source Initiative (OERA OSI) is a project to define, create, and refine a series of production quality components which can serve as a sound basis for those creating their own OERA implementations. The primary focus will be components which would form a portion of the Common Infrastructure portion of the standard OERA model, but we will not exclude contributions for other sorts of helper classes which might be used as part of a Data Access, Business Logic, or UI layer.

The initial focus will be on Object Oriented implementations. If there is demand, we will consider an alternative set of procedural model implementations, but it is felt that those most likely to be implementing OERA are likely to be on current releases. In particular, we will utilize the latest OpenEdge version which is shipping to customers as needed and expect that those who need an earlier version will take responsibility for backporting, although we have no objection to people posting backported versions for the use of others.

This project is intended as an open source effort, hopefully with community involvement. Computing Integrity will initially take responsibility for defining a structure, but it is hoped that community involvement will evolve that structure. If there become enough contributors actively participating, we will deal then with issues of governance, but for the present it is expected that consensus will suffice.

Follow the development of this project on the OpenEdge Hive.